Many years of experience of working with world class riders and their horses, across all disciplines means that the Amerigo designer, Peter Menet, has a wealth of knowledge on how saddle design can influence the horses movement and performance both positively and negatively. His extensive knowledge of the biomechanics of both horse and rider, allow him to create saddles that influence both horse and rider in a positive way, improving the performance and also the long term health of the horse. Placing the riders weight in an area where the horse can carry it easily means that it can round its back, and the hindlegs step further under the horses point of balance, carrying more weight on the hindquarters. This results in the horse being able to stretch through its topline and over the wither which is essential for any level of collection, whether jumping or dressage. A horse that is working with a saddle that allows it to work with its own body, instead of against it, will have a much happier mental attitude to work, and also a healthier body, keeping it performing at a good level for much longer.


If your horse changes shape, Amerigo saddles can be adjusted at the head iron to be made wider or narrower as required, up to a maximum of 1.5cm, and a new horse may not automatically mean a new saddle too. If the basic shape of the new horse is similar to the old one, it may be possible for the saddle to be changed to fit the new situation. We advise you to check with your Amerigo Saddle Expert, and any alterations to the saddle tree should be undertaken by an Authorised Amerigo Saddler.


We also advise that when choosing a saddle for a young horse that great care is taken to ensure that the best fit possible is achieved initially, and that the saddle is regularly checked to make sure that it still fits well as the horse goes through its development stages. The investment in a good saddle in the early days of the horses ridden career pays dividends later in life.

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