To avoid rubbing and chafing we, at MATTES have developed a very special girth design. Integrated cross-webbings and spreader inserts result in perfectly even pressure distribution and prevent wrinkling or contraction of the girth. The narrow part gives plenty of room for the elbow movement without loosing stability. The anatomy of the horse is also very important.

For horses with a proper girth groove far enough away from the elbow of the horse. The girth is cut back in the front and rear in the elbow area. (usage in both directions possible)

For horses with a girth groove less prominent or closer to the elbow area or where girths are situated far forward. The girth is cut back further in the front to allow extra distance to the elbow.

For horses with short backs, wide rib cages and/or narrow chest. The crescent girth shape gives room for the bulk of the rib cage and belly and prevents the girth from pushing forward.

For horses with an athletic wedge shaped build. The special cut of the girth prevents the girth and saddle from sliding backwards.

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